Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The first underway always the hardest I guess. I've been away from Mark before, but Audree hasn't (well, and known it, anyway). Yesterday wasn't that bad. I dropped him off on Monday like we talked about, and then Amtrak broke a bridge and so he couldn't leave. He called me about 7.30pm and said I could come get him...I was so happy! He's sick though...sore throat and stuff. Yuck! I hope he's doing okay. I had to take him back in yesterday morning and he called around 3.30 I guess and said they were leaving. Then, at 4.00, my friends Stacie and Paul came in from New York to see Audree and I. It's great to have great friends! They wanted to see the base so I took them on and showed them around. Guess what we were able to see? Mark's sub leaving! Yep, we saw tugboats pull the sub away from the pier and then we followed up the river for about an hour and a half, taking pictures and watching the sub dive. I know Mark's in the Navy, but seeing him do his job (he's a Nuke...he doesn't do his job, the boat can't leave) made me so proud! Just to know that he's responsible for something so massive and important, gets me all choked up. I'm so proud of him! Anyway, we saw the sub diving and stuff but I forgot my camera so I'm waiting for Stacie to send me her pictures. We went around and saw Groton, Mystic and Westerly and got some good pics and memories. They spent the night here and then we went to breakfast this morning and they headed back to New York. We had a lot of fun...they're moving down here in August and I just can't wait!

My little girl and I

My cute little Mohawk baby

What's she plotting?

Stacie and Audree

Paul and Audree

She naps in her pack 'n play now!

...and she pretends to nap, too.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could get out there to see you and Audree! And 8 hour flight to Michigan is too much for this prego though and I'm forcing myself to do that at the end of the month.