Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Busy busy bees.

Today-dental appointment, cable cut-off
Wednesday (tomorrow)-pre-inspection with the movers, laundry and packing what will go with us
Thursday-packers, dental appointment if needed
Friday-packers, movers, Audree's last checkup
Saturday-spending time together, taking last pics of Mark in his uniform
Sunday-Last time at Mystic Aquarium
Tuesday-check-out of housing, start driving to KY
Wednesday-driving to KY
Thursday-driving to KY, Thanksgiving dinner

I'm going to go crawl into a hole now...lol.

We are so busy. Mark and Audree are napping right now. When they get up we're going over to the rental house (on Pelican Ave.) and starting to pack. Eeek, there's so much to do. I need an assistant lol.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Here are the much-delayed pics.

Quiet everyone, I'm trying to nap here!

I have no idea. She's just upside down.
.This face is so innocent.

Her myspace pic. lol.

The onesie says, "I love my mummy". She needed a halloween outfit as well as a costume, lol.

Baby's new carseat! Her old one expires next month, so we had to get her a big-girl one.

And this is the dryer. yeah. lol.

Baby's breakfast with mom! Dad went to work so baby and mommy went out.

At the rental house.

Her very first bite of bananas! She wasn't sure.

And then she decided they were yummy.

Are you talkin' to me?

She wanted to feed herself.

Daddy took this one

Reading with dad

She wanted to eat the book.

The gorgeous trees on our street

Watching the sea lion show.

Penguins are adorable!

She's so funny.

Little girl loves her daddy!

We named him 'Ol Toothy.

Hangin' out.

Curly hair!

What a mess.

Her goofy hair cracks me up.

Mom forgot her hat :/

She's all bundled up

She fell asleep with her head down--too cute.

She's supposed to be watching the fishies...


We had a house fire on November 1st and we're still out of our house...it's still not livable. The dryer is shot and we've lost a few little things but it wasn't too bad. The minor repairs are taking forever, though.

Mark's last day in the Navy is the 25th of this month. We're having the navy move us and we're going to stay at my FIL's house for a bit until Mark can secure a good job. We have a resume ready and sent out, we're just waiting to hear back. Mark did get a job offer from a nuke plant in Michigan, and it's definetly not out of the question.

Audree turned 6 months and is eating bananas and avocados, and will be starting sweet potatoes very soon. I'm making all her baby food at home. She eats cereal mixed with a fruit or veggie 3-4 times daily and loves it.

She had her 6 month well baby appointment and got her shots. She is healthy, just small. Crazy huh? She weighs only a few more ounces than she did at her four month appt, but she's lengthened out. The doc wants us to up her intake; I was only changing 4-5 wet diapers a day, which is about 3 less than what she needs. Since I've started feeding her cereal more and breastfeeding, I'm getting about 8-10 wet diapers a day, and that makes everyone feel a bit better. She has an appointment in two weeks so we can check her weight.

She also had an "accident". Mark was on our bed with her (at the rental house) and she rolled off the bed and hit the hardwood floor, back down. She started projectile vomiting after so we took her to the E.R. She has a mild concussion, which means her brain was just rattled, as the doctor said. She's fine, we just have to be more careful. The nurses and doctor said that this is a normal thing and every baby gets hurt now and then.

And I'm exhausted, lol. My friend Kim is watching Audree right now so we can check on the house, so I have to go, but I have plenty of pictures of Audree's first solids and stuff to upload when I have time.