Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bought some baby things!

Mark and I went shopping at Babies R Us and bought a few things for the baby. We've also found a new car....expect pictures soon! And...we're 8 weeks pregnant today! Only 4 more weeks to go, and hopefully the morning sickness will go away :).

This is a picture of everything we bought.

The soft baby blanket...it has a bird, turtle and two giraffes and says, "two by 2".

The cute pacifier holder.

A really cute rattle/teether.

Mark's pick...a Tubmarine, since Daddy will be on a submarine.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

And off to the Emergency Room...

Tuesday evening, after Mark went to work, I noticed some spotting and some cramping pain. It got worse and so I called the doctor-on-call. He told me chances are I was either having a miscarriage or an eptopic pregnancy, and it wouldn't matter if I went to the doctor or not. I asked for a referral to go anyway, and he sent one. I called Mark and he took me. We arrived at 10:05pm, and checked in. About an hour and a half later, we were sent to a room. I had blood drawn and gave a urine sample. Then, an ultrasound tech wheeled me down for my first ultrasound. Mark wasn't allowed to go with me, so I went alone. I had to have a vaginal ultrasound since the baby isn't old enough to show up on a regular ultrasound. The tech started the ultrasound and after MANY painful minutes later, showed me my baby. Here's a picture of an ultrasound similar to what our baby looks like now:
Be aware: this is NOT actually our baby, just an ultrasound that's very similar.

Anyway, I also got to hear the heartbeat, which was 136 bpm. According to the myths, it's a boy...but we'll see! Anyway, I have a gestational heart murmur (doc says it's because my heart is working harder to provide for two), and the due date has now moved to May 7th. This is good because...Mother's Day is May 11! So, if all goes as planned (which we know it won't!), I'll be a mom for Mom's Day! The baby is fine...apparently, some bleeding is normal during the first trimester :).

Monday, September 10, 2007

Making a list, checking it twice...

Well, we went to Target last night and created our baby registry. We've already had a bunch of people ask where we're registered, so the link is here. It was a lot of fun...Mark scanned everything! He wouldn't let me touch the gun except to turn it in at the end of the night...lol. And about the T.V....yeah, I have a feeling it won't be going in the nursery...haha.

Anyway, we're planning a baby shower for our friends here in SC for either Oct 9-10 or 27-28, those are Mark's only days off. When we have more permanent dates we'll let you all know!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baby baby baby news!

I went to the doctor on September 6th to have a routine pap smear done. When I got there, they asked me all the normal questions, and then "When was the first day of your last period?". I told her and she said, "You're late." I said, "Yeah, my period has a mind of it's own...no big deal." She urged that we needed to test before the pap smear, so I said okay. We did a pee test and then Mark and I went back into the room and waited. The nurse came in and told me to go ahead and get undressed and put on the gown and stuff, so I did. The doctor then came back and told us the lab was backed up and it would be a few minutes. Ten minutes later, she came back again and said, "You can go ahead and put your clothes back on. Congratulations...you're pregnant!" I stared at her and said, "Are you serious?!" She laughed and said, "Yes...very much so." Mark turned red as a beet and then ran over and hugged me. It was a whirlwind from there. The nurse came in and talked to us, and the doc game me prenatal vitamins. We then went to Perkins' (lol!) and had breakfast (it was 9am when all this ended).

Turns out, I was 6 weeks exactly on September 6th. Also Kinda ironic...Mark and I had our first date June 6th, 2005...3 years, 3 months ago lol. Something else kinda weird...my grandpa passed away about a year ago. I miss him so much! Anyway, he liked to tell stories and jokes and stuff. Mark always told me we couldn't get pregnant until my grandpa was done telling our future kids stories. I had a dream about a week and a half or two weeks ago that my grandpa and I were sitting on a tan couch and he said to me, "Well, I guess I'm done with them for now. You can take them.". How weird! Also...my best friend Shannon is about four weeks ahead of me!

Anyway, we're super excited. Mark says we don't have a preference on the sex, but I secretly hope for a girl LOL. We already have the name chosen. The sucky part is....we're moving end of Nov. :(

We're gonna be parents!