Sunday, October 26, 2008


Here's a few shots of Audree's Halloween costume. She also has another outfit that she'll be wearing on Halloween. There's so much cute stuff out was too hard to pick just one thing :).

Friday, October 10, 2008


I've decided to go to school for social work. Any advice?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look at this!

Look what I learned to do!

"In My Arms" by Plumb

"In My Arms" by Plumb

Your baby blues
So full of wonder
Your Curly Que's
Your contagious smile
And as I watch
You start to grow up
All I can do is hold you tight

Clouds will rage in
Storms will race in
But you will be safe in my arms
Rains will pour down
Waves will crash all around
But you will be safe in my arms

Story books
Are full of fairy-tales
Of kings and queens
And the bluest skies
My heart is torn just in knowing
You'll someday see
The truth for lies

Clouds will rage in
Storms will race in
But you will be safe in my arms
Rains will pour down
Waves will crash all around
But you will be safe in my arms

Castles they might crumble
Dreams may not come true
Cause you are never all alone
Cause I will always
Always love you

Hey I
Hey I
Will love

Clouds will rage in
Storms will race in
But you will be safe in my arms
Rains will pour down
Waves will crash all around
But you will be safe in my arms

In my arms

New pics and videos!

That tongue! She's so silly.

Reaching for daddy's boots. You'll notice the mail on the floor...the cat ran from the baby and knocked the mail off the bar.

Oh look! A new hiding place!

How much of myself can I fit under here?


Can I get a hand here?

Where am I?

True man...he fell asleep with the remote in his hand.

What a cute carrot top.

She just keeps spinning...

And spinning...

And spinning!

Oh! I just love this picture of her. She's just so innocent and pure :).

Well, she's also a little mischievous. She managed to roll into her playmat.

Daddy's first day wearing blues

I think she was pointing at the kitty. She loves that crazy cat!

And she loves the camera.

Asleep on daddy's lap

Asleep on the floor...

She's so cute!

Athena loves pictures, too.

5 months!

My little girl is growing up so fast. She's 5 months old now! She had to go to the doctor on her birthday, though. Not for shots, but because she wasn't feeling well. Her right eye was swollen and she screamed (not cried, mind you) for hours in between naps. I couldn't do anything for her and I felt so bad. Turns out she had pinkeye and an ear infection :(. Poor baby...I'd scream, too! How on earth did she get pinkeye? I don't think I've ever had it! The doctor, Commander Mitchell is a very nice lady. I had to beg for an appointment and got one with a different doctor and made it to my appointment 20 minutes early. The nice doc., Comm. Mitchell, came out to the waiting room and took us into her office since there were no rooms open. She checked out Audree's eyes, ears, nose, listened to her breathing and checked her for a fever. She had a slight fever but nothing to be concerned about. She was given amoxocillen for her eye infection, nasal drops for her runny nose, eye ointment and a cream in case she gets a yeast infection from the antibiotic.

On another note, I'm not sure who will read this and really care or understand, but I've never really felt God. I don't really want to hear the "You have a could you not feel God when you hold her?" I just haven't. Last night, for the first time in my life, I felt God. I was talking to Mark about plans...what we want to do after the Navy. We just found out he's being recommended for discharge. There's something that Mark really wants to do...something that he's been telling me that God is calling him to do. God's never called me so I didn't really understand; I thought it was Mark's excuse for trying to convince me that we needed to do this. Last night I felt something I've never felt before. Mark is not very good at articulating his point. He says some really outlandish things sometimes and doesn't mean them that way, that's just the way they come out. Last night he had no trouble speaking to me. There was a fire in his eyes and I was honestly scared to look him in the eyes. Every time I did I felt a million things all at once. I have been baptized...I was 13, and it was on my dad's birthday because it was the thing you were supposed to do at 13. Mark told me that we're the perfect couple...I have never felt the feeling but I could speak the words and he had the feelings but couldn't speak the words. Seeing him last night was kind of scary, I must admit. I saw something in him that I never have before. And I liked it. I feel different today...really different. I feel peaceful, calm and patient. I've never been patient, lol.

So...I guess I was saved last night. I thank God for speaking through my husband and I thank my husband for speaking the words and allowing God's words to flow through him. I now know why Christians are happier (I've always noticed this). I hope this feeling lasts forever.

About our decision: when Mark is ready for the rest of the world to know then we'll announce our future plans. Some will call us crazy and that's okay. We have each other and God on our side. We always did...we just didn't know it.

Oh and Mark scratched the car today. It's not that bad. Oh well. CT drivers need some training, seriously. He hit a pole to avoid being hit. At least he's alive and not hurt...I can better handle a dented car rather than a dented hubby :).