Friday, July 25, 2008

Daddy's home!

Well, Mark is home for a couple of weeks! While he was underway, he was involved in an incident on the boat and is on restriction to the boat until Tuesday at 4pm. He got 10 days total, but has already done most of them. Audree and I got to go on the boat, in the pouring rain yesterday to see him. It was very scary...we had to stand on the sub, on top of it, in the pouring ice-cold rain. I thought for sure we were going to fall off the side. We didn't obviously, but we had to go down the hatch. That was very interesting. It was narrow and straight slant at all. I stayed in the galley for the most part and then he showed me around the boat. The boat's idea of chicken parmasean was a fried chicken patty with spaghetti sauce and cheese. It was very interesting. The boat was neat...very small and tight, but full of stuff. They have all these crazy places to stick trash and this weird tube where they put the trash, it gets compacted and then shot out of the bottom of the boat into the ocean. Talk about littering, huh?

Last night I went to bed about midnight (seeing Mark tired me out--I've been going to bed around 4:30-5am!) and then woke up to feed Audree about 2:30 I think, then put her back in her crib, fed her about 6:30, put her back and she didn't wake up again until noon. She's added that halfway feeding around 1:30-2:30 recently...I'm not sure why, she doesn't always eat, I guess she just wants comfort. Other than that she's sleeping through the night. After that she wakes up between 10:30-noon and we play for an hour or so and then she takes her nap. We just play throughout the day, run errands...whatever. She goes to bed between 7 and 9, just whenever she's tired. I give her a bath before bed, usually. Today, she woke up and spit up shortly after so I went ahead and gave her a bath and put her in some new clothes I bought for her yesterday. I'm trying to find sleepers for her because she's out of 3-6m stuff and 6-9m stuff is too big. So...she doesn't really fit into anything. It stinks because I have about 20-25 sleepers she never wore. Good thing they're unisex and can be use for our next baby! After her bath today, I brushed her hair and got her dressed, all the normal stuff, then I laid her on the bed while I stood in front of her and got dressed. She started sucking her thumb and went to sleep so I moved her to her crib, which of course woke her up. I turned on her music thingy and she went right back to sleep. I've stopped nursing her to sleep and rocking her to sleep now. I rock her while I feed her, and when she's still barely awake, I put her in her crib. She puts herself to sleep now, which is good...she's not dependent on certain things. If I leave her with a sitter I know she'll be okay now. If she wakes up, I don't have to rock her for 30 minutes to get her to go to sleep anymore, either. I have certain songs, mostly from the Jungle Book, that I sing to her and dance with her to during the day and she really likes that. I've been playing Mark's favorite songs since he's been gone and it reminds us of him. I'm baking pumpkin bread to take to him today and a cheesecake tomorrow...although he says he doesn't "need" it.

I get to go at 5:30 to see him for a few hours. It's very strange to be told that you can only see your husband during his visiting hours, but oh well. When I talked to the guys on Mark's boat, they said that they guy Mark was involved with was very annoying and that one of them was going end up doing something if someone didn't. Oh well...Mark's doing well, though. I'm leaving to see him around 5; he wants Starbuck's so I'm going to get that for him on my way. A friend also picked up the movie Dodgeball, which is Mark's favorite, for me to take to him. I've been looking for it for the past month or so to no avail. I'm so glad...thanks Kim! He'll be excited to see it :).

Yesterday, after I saw Mark, I took Audree to the Nex to look for the movie for Mark and for sleepers for Audree. I put her in the Snugli and she fell asleep so quickly! I decided that, since I didn't have anything better to do, I was going to just walk around the Nex and then the commissary and just kinda kill time while she took a nap. It's so rare that she naps on me anymore. She really likes to be with me and play with me, but sleeping on way. I really enjoyed it. While I was at the Nex, I picked up some clothes for Audree. I bought her this adorable purple outfit (I don't like purple but it looks cute against her red hair!). The top is a onesie, but it has this little flowy part that covers the matching corduroy pants. So, it looks like she's wearing a shirt, not a onesie, like a big girl! I love it. Here's some pics:

Saying hello to daddy yesterday before we went to see him, wearing her pink sailor suit.

She looks so worried!

I just love this outfit!

She's precious!

Buried in my hair while I was talking on the phone the other day.

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Chris, Lauren & Jonathan Merchian said...

I love your little girl in that cute outfit! Of course you know how I feel about purple. :D What a cutie your little one is growing into. I'm glad mark is safely home with you. Drop me a line if you get a chance with that buisy schedule of yours. :)