Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July and another goodbye...

Mark is gone again but he'll be home soon. He's been pretty sick so we didn't do too much this weekend...we went to see fireworks on Saturday night and then to the base fair on Sunday. I also bought some herbs to start my herb garden outside this time, so the cat doesn't fill up on Parsley and Cilantro again :\. Here's some pics from our weekend!

Oh--Audree is 60 days old today! Her 2 month birthday is tomorrow, yay!

He'll be home soon.

He carries his world on his shoulders, in that seabag.

All of us at the fair.

Daddy and Audree in front of the fair

Mommy and Audree in front of the fair

A close-up

A team effort...Mark and I threw darts and won this little puppy for her.

Big grins!

Little smiles

He loves the way she smells.

Hold on tight, baby girl. He'll be home soon.

He loves feeding her.

His face looks weird, but she likes the thumbs-up!


Before the fireworks

Daddy and Audree in front of the fireworks.

Daddy and Audree watching the fireworks.

Us at the fireworks.

They're really good at this sleeping thing.


Nakie sleeping baby
She's so cute!

All pretty in her 4th of July gear!

She put her hand on there...I was trying to put it on her head but it didn't work.

Such a funny face

This one is priceless!

How festive

Getting ready to go pick daddy up from the pier!

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Kenzie Rose said...

Happy 2 Month Birthday Audree! Hope your daddy Comes Home to you and your Mommy Soon! :)