Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plans are...hard to make

and hold to. Every time we make a plan it seems it goes out the window for one reason or another. And this is incredibly unnerving to my oldest child syndrome. That means...I'm a control freak, and when I can't control, I freak.

Aside from that, we're headed to Ann Arbor, MI March 11-13 for a job interview for Mark with Plastipak Packaging. This should be fun.We have friends in the area and we both like's just cold! Ann Arbor is about fourty five minutes from Canada, I think. If this Michigan job doesn't work out, we plan to move to Lexington. We have friends there, as well as family, and I know one of our friends can get me on with the local daycare so that I would be able to have Audree with me, kinda.

My tiny (not) baby is all grown up. Not really but she's pretty close. She can full-on crawl, stand up, say "Mommy" and "Daddy", knows where her nose is (and Athena's) and is just plain BIG. She's into her 9-12 and 12+ clothing which of course is heartbreaking to me. I'm not ready, Audball! Stay small! Do it for mom! She doesn't listen ;).

Here's some links to my facebook photo albums :D.

Audree 8-9 months
Audree 9-10 months