Friday, July 18, 2008

Warning: picture overload.

Mark is still out to sea. He's due home soon and we're very excited to see him! Audree's gained about 2 pounds or so; she's about 15 pounds now. She's in 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers. She's such a big girl! Even better news is...she sat up for the first time yesterday! Yep! She was laying on her back on my lap and I was getting ready to feed her. All of a sudden, she pulled herself into a sitting position. I was so shocked! I tried to lay her down to feed her, and she resisted. She really was sitting up! She laid back down after about 30 seconds or so and then sat back up twice more during her feeding. She's growing so fast and my memory, blog and video camera just can't keep up! I'm glad I'm recording all of this because it's flying by. She is also sleeping from about 9pm-6am, waking up to eat and then sleeping from 6.30am-9.30 or 10am. She wakes up, I play with her for about an hour and then she takes another nap for about 30-45 minutes. She's up for the rest of the day. Occasionally, she'll take a nap around 4 or so for about an hour, but not usually.

I'm losing weight and I'm so excited! I bought jeans before Mark left and...they fall off me now! They're just so big. I can't believe it. I feel so much better about myself. I'm not looking at the scale really; the way my clothes fit is a perfect indicator. I'm feeling better, eating better and being more active and it shows. So, I went shopping with Kay, Ava's mom, and bought new jeans. They're a size 10!! I was a 12 when Mark left, so yay! I'm excited to see his face when he sees me :).

Mark's been having some trouble on the boat but we're hoping nothing comes of it. I'm also having trouble with some bleeding due to my PCOS. I have to have that checked out soon and have a biopsy done. I'm not looking forward to it.

Anyway, that's our update. I'm making a lot more friends here; I met Kay, who had Ava the day after I had Audree, with the same midwife, in the same hospital, in the room beside mine. We actually met on Mother's Day, I do believe. I also met Nicole, whose husband Paul is on Mark's boat. Her husband is a TM and Mark seems to get along with him okay. Nicole has a son named John that's about 2 weeks younger than Audree. I'm making new friends and getting to know the area better. Mark's being gone means that I am meeting more people...and, dishes and laundry stay clean and so does the house. However, I'm dying for him to come home and turn the house upside down again. It's almost too clean; I have nothing to do! I'm going to repot my herbs. We bought some before Mark left and, surprisingly enough, I've kept them all alive! I just need to repot them now.

No more pictures, please.

She's a thumbsucker now!

How cute is this?!

Watching Rachel Ray.

"What are you?" she says.

She loves tummy time!

Fresh out of the bath and VERY unhappy!

Napping in her pack and play...she was swaddled, but she wiggled out of it.

Conked out on her playmat.

The adorable outfit Stevi sent.

She didn't like the shoes, though.

She looks beautiful!

Kim's son Landon and Audree.

She says hello.

Having fun!

She gave me a hickey.

This onesie is too cute!

Gotta love the mohawk.

The onesie says, "I love daddy" and has bubbles all over it.

All of her bathing suits...the one on the right fits now.

Big blue eyes!

Big eyes!

I like this cute onsie...and the even cuter face!

She likes the computer, too!

Audree and I watching Mark's sub leave.

Can you see all of us? I'm holding Audree, and Mark's sub is in the background.

Winking baby!

Audree and mommy

Audree and Ava

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