Saturday, March 22, 2008

The growing belly...

I can't believe how big I've gotten! Check out these'll be amazed as well!

6 weeks

16 weeks

20 weeks

22 weeks

25 weeks

32 weeks

I can't believe this is almost over and we'll be meeting our baby girl soon! I'm already 33 weeks and 3 days...that means only 46 days until my due date! Is anyone else freaking out right along with me?!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Furniture!

Since we got married, Mark and I have never had new furniture. We had a futon and then hand-me-down furniture, and we've been saving to get some new stuff. Thank goodness--our old stuff was seriously in bad shape! Bear tore a hole in one of the sofas and the other two were just so incredibly uncomfortable that I don't think I would have even kicked Mark out onto them during a fight, haha. We started our search for grown-up furniture, some we could buy and call our own, and found a great furniture store here called Bob's and made the purchase for a new microfiber sectional, as well as a Tempur-Pedic twin mattress for the baby's room this past Sunday. Both have a terrific warranty so we're good for five years, anywhere in the U.S. We also bought a rug at Staple's for $ was marked $179 but since it's apparently end-of-season, we got a great deal on it! Here's some pics:

Monday, March 17, 2008

32 weeks...and more!

32 weeks, 8 months. I'm huge!

The Build-A-Bear we made for Audree.