Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ONE week?!

That's right, folks. Wow. Only one week until my due date and it's fast approaching. I'm nervous and excited. Audree's nursery is done, although she'll be sleeping in our room for the first few months. Everything is ready, the bags are packed, I'm ordering the Birth Day cake tomorrow, the announcements are almost all addressed. I have nothing to worry about yet I'm freaking out. I can't believe it's so soon! I'm not ready to let her out yet and let other people touch her, haha. It's been my sole responsibility to take care of her for the past ten months and now I have to hand her over and let other people see what they're capable of. It's unnerving and very, very scary. Oh well. I can't keep her inside me forever and that wouldn't be pleasant, anyway. It's time to trust the world with my whole world.

Susan and I went to The Cake Lady today. It's a small, 1950's-ish cake shop in town. I've looked online and found a few different cake designs I'm going to try to combine to get my ideal cake. We'll see what it looks like I guess! When we first walked in the shop, the owner asked if I was pregnant. I said, "Good Lord, I hope so!". They all laughed. Another lady told me that, when I walked in, she thought I was so cute and happy and I put a smile on her face. It really made me feel good after the casino incident last week. Mark, Susan and I went to a casino to kill time and I was told by a very rude Russian lady that I shouldn't be there...I have baby. She proceeded to tell Mark and Susan that they should keep my away, because I have baby. Right...ugh. I really don't like rude people. Luckily that's all that's happened.

Audree is incredibly active and keeps me awake from 4.30 am when I wake up to go to the bathroom until Mark goes to work around 7.30am or so. I feel like I never sleep! Here's the best part--it's only going to get worse!

Mark and I are going to see Blue Man Group tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous. What if I go into labor at the show? Well, I paid for the tickets so I'm staying to see the show :D. Hopefully I'll have pictures from tomorrow and be able to post them on here. Only seven days...holy cow.

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