Monday, April 7, 2008

How many days?

Yes--only 30 days left until the due date of May 7th. The doctor hasn't changed my date yet but I'm hoping she will on Friday, and at least give me a better idea. Friday's doctor's appointment is the one I'm dreading...I get "checked". Egh, I'm not looking forward to it. Tomorrow we have a breastfeeding class at the hospital and we're also supposed to have our carseat inspected at the same time. I guess I'm going to have to reschedule that one! The 22nd is the "Dad's Bootie Camp" class that Mark wanted to take. It's supposed to teach dads about infant care. Susan (my MIL) is leaving to come here on the 20th. May 1st is Blue Man Group, so I don't know who will be going...if anyone at all!

As obvious as it sounds, it's getting closer and closer every day. We're waiting to put up the wallpaper border but I'm going to go ahead and have Mark hang curtains (Lord knows I can't do it!) and the little pictures so I can get pics of the nursery on here. It's almost finished, just the last few things to do. My hospital bag and the baby's bag are packed, minus the little things and snacks. Oh, and my pregnancy craving--Popsicles! I swear I crave them like crazy. I think we buy one BIG box a month...I could eat them all day long!

Mark was in R134 Air Conditioner Maintenance School all last week and this week until Wednesday. He had a dental appointment this morning for his partial and got a haircut. His hair grows so fast! We're not sure where he's going after this school is finished.

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