Friday, April 11, 2008

We're on to weekly appointments...

That's right...every Friday I have an appointment until the baby's born! No more once-a-month or every-two-weeks appointments, it's every week! It's getting closer and closer (duh!) and we're getting more and more excited. I had my doctor's appointment today and she "checked" dilation or effacement yet, but the baby has dropped. That's good. Audree was asleep during the appointment, until the doctor decided to push on her little world. I got beat up by a baby then :). The submarine ball is this weekend and neither Mark nor myself have any desire to go, but he still got the day off today. He decided to go in anyway, at least for a few hours, and see if he can get any quals done. That's good, too. He's going in this weekend also. We've been talking about what's going to happen when we're out of the Navy some. I want to live in Tennessee or North Carolina and he doesn't really care, lol. We want mountains, the ocean and family, so we'll see. He can't get his Electrician's License until he gets qualified and gets his "fish/dolphins". When he does that, he'll be a qualified electrician and, if nothing else, we have that to fall back on when he gets out of the Navy.

We've also been working on the Nursery today. While Mark was gone, I bought little wooden letters to paint. They spell out her name we think they're really cute! I just love how they turned out. Mark and I finished painting them and he helped me tack the ribbons on the back, and he hung them up. They're perfectly spaced over the arch of her crib and everything, although the crib is off-center in the picture. We also bought new drawer pulls for the dresser in Audree's room (trying to get used to calling her by her name instead of "The Baby" lol). The screws that came with them were too short so we bought new ones today and Mark and I put them on the dresser. I think they're really cute! When they're all on and finished I'll put up a picture. We're also going to safety-pin the same green ribbon that's on her name on the back of the crib quilt to hang it on the wall. There are only a very few things left to bag and the diaper bag is packed, so we're just doing the last few finishing touches! Here's some pics of her name and the few pulls that I have on the dresser:

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