Friday, October 10, 2008


I've decided to go to school for social work. Any advice?

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Thanks so much for the understanding with the rant. It's frustrating to deal with the Navy's Medical team when they don't seem to give a rat's behind about you. I'm not used to that. Even in SC I had better care just at base medical. The people I saw actually remembered me there too.

The Childbirth class I signed up for is just the one through the Navy Hospital here. I figure I've read up on so many things that just a basic knowledge from a class will do good enough for me. I'm still doing a natural birth so long as I can breathe the way I want and get comfortable the way I want (and with my mom going to be here, if they tell me 'no' they'll be in for a surprise!)

Thanks. I'll shoot you an email, though I don't normally call anyone except my mom. She's gotten used to my ranting phone calls in the past few weeks. LoL! She thinks Navy Medical is full of crap too.