Thursday, October 9, 2008

New pics and videos!

That tongue! She's so silly.

Reaching for daddy's boots. You'll notice the mail on the floor...the cat ran from the baby and knocked the mail off the bar.

Oh look! A new hiding place!

How much of myself can I fit under here?


Can I get a hand here?

Where am I?

True man...he fell asleep with the remote in his hand.

What a cute carrot top.

She just keeps spinning...

And spinning...

And spinning!

Oh! I just love this picture of her. She's just so innocent and pure :).

Well, she's also a little mischievous. She managed to roll into her playmat.

Daddy's first day wearing blues

I think she was pointing at the kitty. She loves that crazy cat!

And she loves the camera.

Asleep on daddy's lap

Asleep on the floor...

She's so cute!

Athena loves pictures, too.

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Anonymous said...

Those are too cute! I love her new hiding place!

And Sparrow looks like she does when she's sucking her thumb!