Thursday, August 21, 2008

No news is...?

If no news is good news then I think we're doing incredibly well, lol. Still no word, so we're just waiting.'ve got tummy time backwards!

Look at her foot...

Poking herself in the eye

She's always happy!

She didn't like the pool

Holding her new baby crush ice and put it in the the mesh part

Daddy stole her new popsicle!

She's partying

After the pool experience

I'm coming to get you, mom!

Funny face 1

Funny face 2

Daddy's girl

Cat on baby...:/

Cat under Mark's raincoat

This face reminds me of my little brother, Joseph

Oh, she loves her daddy!

Guarding his baby

My friend Kay and her daughter, Ava...Ava passed out from a milk-induced coma, lol.

Cat in the dryer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's always "No news is good news" then "Hurry up and wait" It gets annoying, but hey that's life I guess!

I love all the pictures! Too cute! I want that tummy time mat...but I want the blue one even though I'm having a girl. I'm going to overload her in blue I think!