Friday, November 14, 2008


Here are the much-delayed pics.

Quiet everyone, I'm trying to nap here!

I have no idea. She's just upside down.
.This face is so innocent.

Her myspace pic. lol.

The onesie says, "I love my mummy". She needed a halloween outfit as well as a costume, lol.

Baby's new carseat! Her old one expires next month, so we had to get her a big-girl one.

And this is the dryer. yeah. lol.

Baby's breakfast with mom! Dad went to work so baby and mommy went out.

At the rental house.

Her very first bite of bananas! She wasn't sure.

And then she decided they were yummy.

Are you talkin' to me?

She wanted to feed herself.

Daddy took this one

Reading with dad

She wanted to eat the book.

The gorgeous trees on our street

Watching the sea lion show.

Penguins are adorable!

She's so funny.

Little girl loves her daddy!

We named him 'Ol Toothy.

Hangin' out.

Curly hair!

What a mess.

Her goofy hair cracks me up.

Mom forgot her hat :/

She's all bundled up

She fell asleep with her head down--too cute.

She's supposed to be watching the fishies...

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