Friday, November 14, 2008


We had a house fire on November 1st and we're still out of our's still not livable. The dryer is shot and we've lost a few little things but it wasn't too bad. The minor repairs are taking forever, though.

Mark's last day in the Navy is the 25th of this month. We're having the navy move us and we're going to stay at my FIL's house for a bit until Mark can secure a good job. We have a resume ready and sent out, we're just waiting to hear back. Mark did get a job offer from a nuke plant in Michigan, and it's definetly not out of the question.

Audree turned 6 months and is eating bananas and avocados, and will be starting sweet potatoes very soon. I'm making all her baby food at home. She eats cereal mixed with a fruit or veggie 3-4 times daily and loves it.

She had her 6 month well baby appointment and got her shots. She is healthy, just small. Crazy huh? She weighs only a few more ounces than she did at her four month appt, but she's lengthened out. The doc wants us to up her intake; I was only changing 4-5 wet diapers a day, which is about 3 less than what she needs. Since I've started feeding her cereal more and breastfeeding, I'm getting about 8-10 wet diapers a day, and that makes everyone feel a bit better. She has an appointment in two weeks so we can check her weight.

She also had an "accident". Mark was on our bed with her (at the rental house) and she rolled off the bed and hit the hardwood floor, back down. She started projectile vomiting after so we took her to the E.R. She has a mild concussion, which means her brain was just rattled, as the doctor said. She's fine, we just have to be more careful. The nurses and doctor said that this is a normal thing and every baby gets hurt now and then.

And I'm exhausted, lol. My friend Kim is watching Audree right now so we can check on the house, so I have to go, but I have plenty of pictures of Audree's first solids and stuff to upload when I have time.

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Anonymous said...

Which plant in Michigan? Is it Fermi? If so, Josh and I can tell you a lot about it since that's really close to where we lived and we know people that work there.

Everyone expects us to go back there, but we want to stay out here in Washington.