Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's fall!

Fall, I've been waiting for you! This is my favorite season. I love the different colors of the leaves and the crisp, cool smell. I just feel happier in the Fall. I will be digging out my fall decorations this weekend...Mark will pretend he's excited ;).

I'm baking now...a lot. I have made cakes, pies, rolls, bread, sweet bread, muffins...all kinds of things from scratch. I want a food processor for Christmas, or a mixer! Mark found a nice one that I think he'll be getting me. As for him...he's getting Guitar Hero World Tour. Audree's getting a new carseat, a baby pen (like off The Rugrats, lol!) and, of course...toys. She'll get new clothes and a toothbrush in her stocking, too.

And I found this hat today and I want to get it for her so bad, but I can't fathom spending $20 on a hat.

Click here to see the item.
Isn't it adorable? It would be so cute on Audree! I bought her a similar one the other day so we'll see how cute it is on her ;).

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Anonymous said...

If you find a pattern for it and give it to me, I can see if my Aunt or mom can make it for her.