Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost 29 weeks!

So much has happened and I haven't had a chance to blog about it. Okay...Mark went underway and less than a week later, I started having contractions and went to the ER twice. I was having serious back pain, so the docs gave me a shot in my back and Tylenol 3's. I was vomiting and couldn't keep anything down for over a week. I was given another prescription for Phenergan and I had a hard time keeping those down, too. I was put on bedrest because I kept having problems. Mark was sent home because I was in pretty bad shape and he's home now. He's working an office job (he doesn't mind it, actually!) and is available to take me to all my appointments now, which is good.

I had an appointment on February 8th where I did the 1 hour glucose screening, which I failed. Yesterday I did the 3 hour glucose test and we're waiting to hear the results. I'm not sure what we'll find out but the doctor said the readings from the 1 hour were so far off the chart she doesn't think this one will come back normal. I also found out I'm anemic, which means I will have to have a blood transfusion whether I give birth naturally or have a c-section, and if it does come back that I have gestational diabetes, I'll been induced about four weeks early. As of right now, I've only gained 12 pounds so I need to put on more weight. I can do it when I'm not pregnant...why am I having a problem with this now?! I bet we all wish this was a problem we had to deal with (not being able to gain weight, I mean)!

We're also going to take childbirth classes and we've chosen to use the Bradley Method instead of Lamaze. It just sounds better for us...the Bradley Method is also called Husband-Coached Childbirth. I'm currently reading Husband-Coached Childbirth : The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth and Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. They're both really good, informative books and I'm learning a lot. We still wanted to take childbirth classes, though, but since I'm so far along the Lamaze classes aren't taking me...for whatever sense that makes. I've found a local Bradley teacher so we're going to start classes next week.

As far as baby stuff goes...the registry is almost completed! We've bought everything but the twin mattress set and the changing pad...wow. We've bought all the big stuff and almost all of the little stuff, so we're getting ready. The room is almost finished, too...we're waiting for Target to get one more roll of the wallpaper border in and we'll start on that, and I'm painting little wooden letters with the baby's name that we're going to hang on the wall. Hopefully we can get some more of that stuff finished this weekend.

Oh, and...today is my 21st birthday!

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