Saturday, January 12, 2008

Getting closer....

I can't believe it...I'm almost 6 months pregnant! Time sure is flying. Mark is leaving very soon for an underway, so he's going to miss some of the pregnancy. We're hoping he'll be able to be home when the baby is born, but we're not sure yet. Just in case, we bought and assembled the crib last night. Rather, we picked out the crib and Mark put it together, lol. We've gone back and forth over which crib we wanted and finally decided to pay the little bit extra and get the one we REALLY wanted, instead of settling on a cheaper one. I'm so glad we did, it looks great!

We forgot to buy the mattress so we have to go get it. I'm also going to be purchasing the crib set online since it's not available in-store. Everything is coming together and I'm so pleased! The last things we have to buy are bottles, the baby bathtub, diaper genie, boppy, and a few larger items like the swing and bouncer. We're making sure everything is getting taken care of and I am really pleased.

I just wanted to add that if Mark isn't home when the baby comes, we've hired a birth photographer and doula to attend. I don't have family who will be coming, so I need support. The photographer will just take pictures of the baby right after she's born and then come back the next day to take newborn pics. I'm very excited to have these. If Mark can't be there I want to keep him as involved as possible. We're also having pictures taken Jan. 19th at a lighthouse at sunset. I'm very excited for this, also.

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday. I have the instructions for my glucose test now, and have to do that before my next appointment on February 8th. Mark won't be here so I'll be going to that one alone. At my last appointment, my due date was changed to May 9th because the baby's limbs aren't measuring, she's short. That's to be expected, though. I still think she's going to be early. The doctor also okay'd me to be on calcium supplements since I don't like milk, so we bought those along with an iron supplement, since she said my iron was low. So now I'm taking Flintstone vitamins twice a day (since I can't take prenatals), folic acid once a day, calcium supplements twice a day and iron supplements twice a day. Yuck! Lots of pills.

The baby is healthy and we're doing fine. Getting everything ready for Mark to leave and stuff.

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Kenzie Rose said...

Cute Crib! I'm So Glad Things Are Going Great For You and Your Getting The Things You Need :) I'm Praying For You Guys That Mark Will Be Able To Come Home To You Before The Birth. We Are All Thinking about You! :)