Friday, December 21, 2007


We had a doctor's appointment at Westerly Women's Health in Westerly, RI on December 14th and got to hear the baby's heartbeat, and an anatomical ultrasound was scheduled for December 18th at 10:00 a.m. at Narragansett Radiology. We waited around for awhile in the lobby and then went back for our turn. The radiologist was very nice and funny and got started right away. We saw the baby's spine, ribs, heart and chambers, the four lobes of the brain and stomach. We saw so many things I can't even name them all!

He said, "Alright, it's time to get down to business now." He moved around on my stomach a lot and then said, "Oh, there it is. Can you see it?"

I said, "Is it a boy?"

He zoomed in further and said, "'s a girl!".

We were so happy! Mark jumped up and immediately put his hand on me and smiled. We received ten ultrasound pics. It was incredible to see the baby the way we did...she was clenching her fist and releasing, and playing inside me where you could see it in the screen. Just as I suspected, her head and abdomen measured 20 weeks plus and her legs were 19 wks 1 day and arms were 19 wks 3 days. She'll be short, no doubt about that! According to the doc, she weighs 0.8 pounds and will be about an eight pound baby if she's carried to full term. Also, since I didn't get an appointment in time I wasn't able to have her tested for Down's Syndrome, but the radiologist was able to tell us that she does have the nasal bone that most children with DS don't have, and doesn't have a thick flap of skin on her neck which is also a big indicator. So far, she's happy and healthy which is what we like to hear.

The name we've chosen is Audree Elizabeth, by the way. We didn't like the traditional spelling of Audree (Audrey) so we changed it. We bought a bunch of clothes for her and are setting up the nursery. We have the dresser and glider, so we have to buy the stool for gilder, a twin bed (since we only have a two bedroom house now) and the crib. I'll post pictures of the clothes and nursery when I have the chance. Also, my scanner isn't working properly so I'll post the ultrasound pictures when I get that figured out.

Audree's Journal

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