Thursday, November 8, 2007

It's been awhile...

Well, it's been awhile, huh? We have orders to Groton, CT for the USS Virginia. This type of submarine is the kind that goes out for 6 months at a time every 1 1/2 years. So far, it hasn't done the 6 month deployment, which isn't great news. We knew Mark would go out to sea, and here it is! We're not sure of dates yet, but it'll all work out. We're hoping he'll be home for the birth, but if not that's okay too. We're really busy trying to pack and just get everything ready in general. We have a new car now and I'll post pictures as soon as I have a chance. I'm in the middle of laundry so I thought I'd sit down and write a blog since I've kinda been neglecting it.

Anyway, we're 14 weeks pregnant now. I'm out of the first trimester which puts my mind at ease a great deal. I was very sick a few weeks ago so my doctor put me on Phenergan, which helped tremendously. I'm very glad to be over it, though. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I hope they'll do an ultrasound, but we don't know yet. If they do they may be able to predict the gender, but we'll see. For kicks, I decided to try a Chinese Gender Predictor. Try and see if it was right for your kids! Here's what it says for us:
Kind of ironic that it says the baby is a girl, since when the doctor used the Doppler and the heartbeat read to be 164, he also predicted a girl . He says there's no real science behind it, he's just a seasoned veteran and has kids of his own. According to the doc, 130-145 is a boy and 145+ is a girl. Apparently, men are lazier...even in the womb ;).

I'll try to update tomorrow after the doctor's appointment. I'm taking my camera to record a video of the heartbeat and hopefully the ultrasound.

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